Hey, who's this clown?

Hi! Iā€™m Mike! Iā€™m a professional video editor + animator, and an amateur writer, webdev, photographer, etc. living in Brooklyn, NY. Iā€™m originally from Chicago. I grew up on the internet back when everything looked more like what Izzy's working with up there.

This is my personal blog / home base on the web, where I write about video games, New Year's resolutions, covid, pizza, New York City, and other things.

Elsewhere on the site, you can find some of what I'm currently working on, playing, watching, and otherwise interested in, some links to tools, blogs, and other sites I like, and some other ways to follow me online.

About the blog

This blog/site has taken a few other forms in the past few years, which should still be up for all to see. I've been leaving a trail of detritus around the web since rekindling my love of blogging in 2020.

It started at The Go To Hell Space on Blogger, then moved to Dream Avenue on Wordpress, before finally landing here, on a site I built myself.

This site was founded out of a desire to return to the old, good web, a deep love of Windows 95/98 aesthetics, and a belief that the web can and should be fun and personal.

After discovering Neocities and Zonelets, I re-learned HTML, have since learned a ton more than I ever knew, learned some CSS and JavaScript, and eventually built the monument you see before you today.

The reason I love having this kind of presence on the web, rather than something more modern and conventional like social media, or even a more conventional blogging platform like Wordpress, is that it's completely bespoke, it's completely mine, and it's only limited by my imagination and ability.

It is my solemn promise to you that this website will always be 100% free from ads, trackers, popups, and any other invasive features.

This site is much more than just a blog, so take a look around and get comfy!

More Info

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