Resources, Tools, and Things I don't want to forget.

HTML & WebDev

W3Schools HTML & CSS Lessons

W3 Color Picker

11ty Documentation

Zonelets Website Template

Neocities Tutorials & WebDev Resources

RSS Advisory Board Feed Validator

W3Schools RSS XML Docs

W3C Feed Validation Service

Responsive YouTube iframes


This saved my life






Adblocking, etc.

Ad Blocking

uBlock Origin

  • Blocks most ads, but may allow some, hence the need for...

EasyList for uBlock Origin

  • With uBlock Origin installed:
  • Under the first item 'EasyList' click 'add it to your ad blocker.'
  • When prompted by uBlock Origin, click 'Subscribe.'

Bypass Paywalls

Bypass Paywalls Clean Firefox download

  • Installation:
  • Find 'Manage Extensions' in Firefox menu.
  • Click settings/cogwheel.
  • Choose 'Install Add-on from file.'
  • Select the .xpi file on your computer & click 'Open.'

Chrome/Edge download

  • Installation:
  • Download the ZIP file from GitHub at the link above & unzip.
  • Place the unzipped
  • Open the Extensions page in Chrome/Edge.
  • Enable Developer Mode.
  • Drag the unzipped folder to your browser window to import it.
  • Do not delete the folder from your computer.

Clean up Fandom wikis

Fandom Enhance Firefox Add-on

Hack Your 3DS

It's easy!

Custom Firmware (CFW) Installation Guide

CFW Tips

hShop - Download ROMs

New Super Ultimate Injector 3DS - Play classic ROMs on 3DS

NDS Forwarder - Install DS games on 3DS

"Best of 3DS" game lists [1] [2] [3]


Critical Distance
Into the Spine
Clockwork Worlds
Other Strangeness
Indie Tsushin
CD-ROM Journal
Live Laugh Blog
Nicky Flowers

Faves Graves

Waypoint [RIP, 2023]
Gawker [RIP, 2023]
RE:BIND [RIP, 2023]
Indoor Voices [RIP, 2021]
The Outline [RIP, 2020]
Coffee Core [RIP, 2020]
Food Bloggers Now [RIP, 2020]
The Awl [RIP, 2018]

Good Websites

Needs expanding and better organization.

32-bit Cafe
Neocities browse page
♡ cinni's dream home ♡
The Useless Web
Hotline Cafe
The Yesterweb - Reclaiming the Internet
The web site of humantooth
DISC-CONTENT (not that one)
A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge
New Lambda
[ al1-ce ]
Distant Skies - A Crystalis Fan Site
Window Swap
Free Online Picross