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I Never Tire of Being Right

Published on Feb 21, 2024

In their latest Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, Nintendo announced that the good folks at Aspyr have read my blog, they've received my letters, and they've decided to acquiesce to my requests.

The original two Star Wars Battlefront games from the early 2000s are coming to Switch, baby! WITH online multiplayer! Just as I predicted/begged for!

First, I predict/manifest a Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic. And yeah, the KOTOR 2 Restored Content DLC thing fell through, but I never asked for that in the first place. Maybe it's a monkey's paw deal.

Now, I've manifested two more timeless Star Wars classics onto the Switch.

I simply do not miss when it comes to this very specific set of circumstances!

One might argue that it's been pretty clear for a long time that Aspyr is serious about porting as many classic, beloved Star Wars games as it can to as many platforms — particularly the Switch — as it can.

But I mean. I'm still right.

In any case, I just can't wait to once more...

boop boop boop boop, boop boop boop boop, bleedleep!

You know? You know.