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Ephemera: Globe Trekker

Published on Mar 4, 2024

For the past week or so, out of absolutely nowhere, I've been getting this theme song in my head.

I keep periodically staring into the middle distance playing bits and pieces of it over and over, trying desperately to remember the name of the show it's from.

Finally, my brain churned up enough information for me to run a search for "Globe Trotter TV Shopw" (typo and all), which not only unearthed the fact that the Harlem Globetrotters had an animated series in the 70s, but was also enough to get me exactly what I was looking for: the IMDB page for Globe Trekker.

I don't know anything about this show other than it was a travel show in the 90s.

I just have a very specific memory of it being on TV at my grandparents' house as a very young kid, and eating White Castle chicken rings and crinkle cut fries.

I also found this other, slightly updated intro, whose visuals I feel like I have a clearer memory of, despite remembering the earlier theme song more clearly.

I also definitely remember this host.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the show was in production until 2010, and continued airing episodes until as recently as 2016. Which is wild to me.

I don't really have anything else to say except hey I found this, and the brain works in mysterious ways, and the opening theme kind of sounds like that one song that goes, "hold your head up, whoaaa, hold your head up, whoaaa."