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Welcome to the Cyber World

Published on Apr 16, 2024
MegaMan Battle Network

In my most recent post about (re)playing my way through the MegaMan Battle Network series, I said I'd been "thinking about Battle Network for reasons that will become clear later this month."

It is now later this month, and those reasons are Welcome to the Cyber World!

Welcome to the Cyber World is a fansite I built last month, dedicated to what I've recently realized is my all-time favorite series of games: MegaMan Battle Network.

Why did I do this? Last month, Critical Distance, one of my favorite places to find writing about video games, held a fansite jam inspired by Phil Salvador’s Final Fantasy VIII fansite, Final Fantasy VIII is the Best And If You Don’t Agree I Will Destroy You.

It sounded like fun, and coming off the high of learning 11ty and building this very blog from the ground up, I decided to throw my hat in the ring!

I wanted to keep it really simple and minimal, so it's mostly just a blog where I've written up some thoughts and other fun things relating to the BN games, but it also has an image gallery, some general info and resources about the games, and background music if you're visiting from a desktop browser!

Now that the jam is over, and Critical Distance has posted their roundup of entrants (they called my site "aesthetic AF"), AND since last Sunday, April 14th, was the 1-year anniversary of the release of the MegaMan Battle Network Legacy Collection, a game I liked quite a lot, I thought it would be fun to cross-post some of what I've written and will hopefully continue to write over there.

To that end, here on The Works of Egan, I've just published My Battle Network Story, a post about my history with the series, which I wrote and published during the fansite jam, and Battle Network’s DenTown Area Shows Why Building Cities Around Cars Sucks, which I ran out of time to write during the jam, and am publishing fresh today!

I've also added a 'mmbn' tag to the sidebar to collect all the Battle Network flavored writing I've been doing and will continue to do here. I gave it a little more flair than the other tag pages, in the spirit of the fansite.

I hope you'll take a second to check out Welcome to the Cyber World, read some of the other MMBN posts going up here today, and otherwise have a lovely day!